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Fasten your Financial Seatbelt

In 1974, Tom Scott, a young Lufthansa crew member, rescued a dozen people from the first fatal accident of a Boeing 747, in Nairobi, Kenya.  Today, Tom is a seasoned financial planner in southern California who has rescued hundreds from economic danger. 

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In Fasten Your Financial Seatbelt, Scott combines a quarter-century of investment advisory experience with an astute understanding of human nature and a hero's urge to protect. His book provides an engaging, personal, common sense guide to nurturing, preserving and growing the money you've got, offering you a method to assure financial security for the rest of your life.

Orange County Register On Tom 11/20/09

Fasten Your Financial Seatbelt covers:

~ The basics of how money works
~ How to define your relationship with money
~ How to resist your worst spending instincts
~ Why successful people often fail at managing money
~ How to tame your money into a good servant
~ How to avoid being taken in by bad advice


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